Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Kumuda,

Finally found the time to write in your blog... just 4 weeks ago I sat -very relaxed- on the beautiful Palolem Beach and now the hectic life has returned! But I'm trying hard to hold on to that feeling of relaxation ;-).

My friend Astrid and I arrived in november this year at Chattai after a three weeks journey through the north of India: a beautiful and impressive trip. But arriving in Goa was like arriving in another country. And arriving in Chattai felt like arriving home.
A peaceful place with stylish huts and all the comfort you need. Amazing what you can do with the so called 'chattai', a house constructed of all natural 'carpets'.

Charlie helped us with everything we needed. In Chattai we had no worries, just enjoying our loungebeds on our own terrace and the beach.
The huts are a little walk from the beach, where you have nice restaurants, little shops and many sunbeds. There is also a great supply of massages.

But the relatively stillness of Palolem Beach is something you ouht to treasure, so I'm not advertising too much!

Many thanks for a lovely stay in your beautiful Chattai. I will absolutely return!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Chattai Agonda - Experience the heights of Goan Tranquility !

I meant to write in sooner, but was still shaking off the lazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy stupor that I got into from all the relaxation at Chattai's Agonda Beach Huts!!

The location of Chattai is scenically perfect.

Right on the serene Agonda beach, with a hill flanking the northern side and a long clean shining golden beach on the southern side......

Perfect for quiet relaxation, away from all the hubbub and crowd.....
And if you are really lucky you could glimpse a couple of dolphins in the early morning hours, very near to the beach.....
No No.........that was us.....enjoying in the sea...the Dolphins are lower still..... ;oP

Adding to the calm and peaceful location, it also has one of the most courteous and friendly staff I have ever come across in all my many travels till date.the courtesy extended by the staff has a heartfelt genuineness, which leaves even the 5 star service behind!!!!
Caitano, the manager , & Amit and Soham,who look after the restaurant, are the ideal in customer service, going one step beyond expectations in every way. And that courtesy is extended by other staff as well, the Night security Cybil, always alert and ready to help, The chef, catering to our special requests and serving delicacies, even the room cleaning guy, as soon as he spots us out of our rooms in the mornings, he eagerly comes asking if the rooms need to be cleaned.
The rooms have a really comfy rustic feel, and are well designed and airy......

You will love it if you like natural living........
Listening to the soothing sound of the waves in the dead calm of the night, with your loved one in your embrace, is an experience you gotta get for yourself.....Mere words won't suffice to describe this feeling .....

The whole place has been designed very well, and the ambience is really amazing!!! Have a look for yourself...........

You could relax outside your shack in a personal sit out....

or move out on the beach at a cool and breezy restaurant ...............

or go on further on the beach under the Umbrellas with the comfortable sunbeds..............

& in the evenings you could also ask the helpfull staff to setup a table under the umbrella and have a romantic candle light dinner , with the cool sea breeze and the soothing rhythmic waves setting the mood for a cozy night!!!!!!

The stay there has become one of the most memorable times in our lives, and I wholeheartedly thank the staff and Owners of
Chattai for that!

And yes, We are eagerly planning next year's trip already!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Will be back soon!

Me and my friend visited Goa for a week in April 2008, and ended up staying at Palolem all week.

We found Chattai's website before going, when we were looking up accomodations in Palolem, which we'd heard was a wonderful beach. We were very pleased with how simple it was to arrange everyhing, from payment to transfer from the airport, so that when we arrived jetlagged and tired there was nothing to worry about, just blissful beds ready to collapse in.

That week in Goa turned out one of the best I've had in a long time.
Palolem is a wonderfully beautiful place, and our coco-hut was comfortable and clean, and at just the right distance from the beach - close enough you'd walk there in two minutes, but far enough the music or dogs caused no disturbance when one wanted to sleep.

Charlie and our taxi-driver were also incredibly helpful - I lost my glasses when a huge wave crashed over me in the surf, and everyone at Chattai teamed up to help me get a new pair - even picking the new glasses up and paying with their own money in between to make sure I'd get them the same day. Awsome people!

I'm already planning my next trip to Goa - will probably try out Chattai Agonda this time. If it's anywhere near as beautiful and nice as our stay in Palolem was, I'm bound to come back again and again!

So if you're like we were, sniffing about the Chattai webpage, wonder whether to go - go. Palolem is paradise on earth, and it'll be the best time of your life, promise.

Our coco-hut to the right.

The green, jungle-y entrance to Chattai.

Palolem beach.

I took lots more pictures you can find in my own blog's Scrapbook, here. If you don't want to visit Goa after that, you're crazy. :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just to let you know what a great place chattai is to stay!!
When i first arrived i thought i might stay a few days and move on, 4 weeks later and here i am living the good life all thanks to charlie and everyone who have been so helpful and friendly . i would recommend anyone thinking of heading down this way to check out this awsome hideaway! security is brilliant as they know who is staying there and nothing is to much trouble. so thankyou to all of you but please dont let me stay much longer ....have so much to see and do !!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We miss Kumuda

So we used to have a pact, my husband and I, that if things ever got really bad in the US (like another republican president) we were going to ditch and move to this little beach town in Mexico called Puerto Escondido. Well, someone else thought that was a good idea too. Actually, several someone elses, and last month it was in both the New York Times travel section and in Metropolis magazine. So much for that plan. Luckily, we had just replaced Puerto with Agonda as our 'emergency-break-glass-flee-the-country' city.
We will not be able to drive to Agonda, as we could to Puerto...details, details.

We spent a week in Agonda, and it was pure magic. We intended to stay two days, but upon arrival we met some really cool people, ate some magic fish, and decided to stay as long as we could.
The accommodations are well designed, private, spacious and modern. It is really amazing what they have done with grass and bamboo. The Chattai end of the beach is the quiet end, but it is really all pretty quiet.

The beach is as unspoiled as any you could hope to find in a lifetime; the peace of this village will not last. It is just too perfect. A typical day included yoga down the beach, a three hour breakfast, dolphin and cow watching while sunbathing, a swim in the blue-green endless sea; all punctuated by a cooked to order feast straight from the best BBQ setup around, conveniently located on the beach 20 yards from your hut. Please eat as much cheese tomato garlic naan as you can stomach, you will miss it when you're gone.

If you are smart, you will not tell anyone about this place, or it will end up in the New York Times travel section. Then we will all have to find another spot. So Shush. We will know who said something.

Leslie & Nelson
Atlanta, GA

Monday, January 28, 2008

Peace and quiet, at last we found it on Palolem Beach

When you are looking for a quiet place, where you can take plenty of rest, Chattai is the place for you. We fell in love with our shack right at the first moment we lied eyes on it. It shows as a bamboo hut, but it houses all the comfort you need. It has a nice large terrace where you can chill out in the evening or when you just woke up. There is a nice (definitely not small) bathroom with a clean toilet and a shower.
Arriving, we also first met the great people who are working here. They are in one word friendly. Whatever you require, they will surely do their best to help you. Even stuff not related to housing in particular.
Whenever we are paying a visit to Palolem beach again, this will be the first place we'll look into, and so should it be yours!

Friendly greetings from Jan & Elise (all the way from Belgium)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

three cheers for chatai !!!

Thanks kumuda and Ashish for creating wonderful ambience at Chatai, It was a wholesome experience .While Palolim Chatai gave us opportunity to explore the party scene at south Goa , the Agonda Chatai opened a new dimension for holiday, it was a rejuvenator. It was like beautiful dream which we never wanted to end......... By the way I still have the taste of butter Garlic NAAN.
Good luck and great going Luv
Savi n Danny

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When can I go again?

Thanks kumudaashishmambo. Chattai Agonda was just what I needed. Quiet, peaceful I
ho-ooh-ope it stays that way. Ideal for the stressed and the distressed :))).

It was such a pleasure sitting in the large comfortable chairs under the thatched roof restaurant , looking out at the sea, the distant fishing boats. The creek at the end of the beach the sea, the dolphins, the forest covered hills that cradle the beach all added to my general feeling of well being.

And the food was brill . Will the red snapper in garlic-chilli -paste be available if i go later in the year? what about the tandoori mustard pomphret? the egg bhurji with toast, the squid, prawns, butter naans.. . yumeee.
Lurrrrved it all.

All the mad for partying crowd, do go away to Palolem . Its got all the raves and beach parties. Its further up the road. Y'all ask Kumuda about Chattai Palolem.
We had the pleasure of staying at Chattai over the Christmas and New Year period. The place is immaculate, peaceful and effortlessly stylish ....just what an Indian beach holiday should be about. Paradise.

We can't wait to come back.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Very Happy New Year

Just wanted to say thanks to all at Chattai Agonda for allowing us to achieve complete chill over Christmas & New Year.

I am almost loathe to post here as Agonda is perhaps Goa's best kept secret - a beach with seemingly more cows than people. Life was about about swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the pristine beach or chilling out with a Kingfisher under the huge canopy. I should also mention the incredible tandoor which produced mouth-watering daily treats of fresh fish.

This is a chilled-out spot but if you want to taste a little madness then Palolem is only 10kms away by auto. Easy.

Tell your friends, but don't tell everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Indian paradise

We had the honour to be the first guests at Chattai Agonda and can only say one thing: go there (but not too many of you please)! It's a wonderful place at a wonderful beach. Not too crowded, delicious food, superb view to the beach and the sunset, very nice and beautiful huts, Indian paradise! We really felt very welcome. We spent Christmas and New Year at Chattai and couldn't have wished for a better place to stay in Goa. Thanks to all the crew of Chattai Agonda!

Pieter Bas and Meike
The Netherlands

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pictures of Chattai Beach Huts, Palolem & Agonda

Sunset on Agonda Beach

Acco at Chattai Palolem

Acco at Chattai Agonda

Bar & Restaurant, Chattai Palolem

Bar & Restaurant, Chattai Agonda

Sit-outs, Chattai Agonda

For bookings please write to:

Or contact:

Chattai Palolem Manager Charlie: +91 98224 81360

Chattai Agonda Manager Caitano: +91 9423812287