Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Kumuda,

Finally found the time to write in your blog... just 4 weeks ago I sat -very relaxed- on the beautiful Palolem Beach and now the hectic life has returned! But I'm trying hard to hold on to that feeling of relaxation ;-).

My friend Astrid and I arrived in november this year at Chattai after a three weeks journey through the north of India: a beautiful and impressive trip. But arriving in Goa was like arriving in another country. And arriving in Chattai felt like arriving home.
A peaceful place with stylish huts and all the comfort you need. Amazing what you can do with the so called 'chattai', a house constructed of all natural 'carpets'.

Charlie helped us with everything we needed. In Chattai we had no worries, just enjoying our loungebeds on our own terrace and the beach.
The huts are a little walk from the beach, where you have nice restaurants, little shops and many sunbeds. There is also a great supply of massages.

But the relatively stillness of Palolem Beach is something you ouht to treasure, so I'm not advertising too much!

Many thanks for a lovely stay in your beautiful Chattai. I will absolutely return!


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