Tuesday, March 1, 2011

chattai agonda

just got back from my nostalgic indian moments crispy hot to the grey cold weather of london. i guess u'all would know how it feels..........
agonda,a peaceful quiet little village in south goa,tranquill & bliss.
was staying in a place called chattai,an apt name for the rooms are made of chattai.
enjoyed the sea,sand,sun,place & people.
our many thanks to the crew in chattai agonda they were so nice,casual,accomodating,friendly which made our days in goa.
we love you all..mr DeCosta,anil,mangesh,ramprasad,shiv,ceril& shobha....missing u'all.
a beautiful place to be and stay.
Many thanks from the Maharaja & his Gopiyas..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chattai Yoga

Chattai Yoga is now open!
Located on the hill overlooking Agonda Beach, it is has the best view ever. Being the only beach hut place here, it is absolutely peaceful and pure.
There are 12 huts all facing the sea. All huts have double/twin beds, ensuite bathrooms and sit-outs.
There is a separate Yoga Dome for classes, with a mud-cowdung floor. This also has a fantastic view. It's ideal for yoga or meditation classes or even any kind of creative workshop.
The Bar & Restaurant sits in a sweet spot that enjoys a river view along with the sea view. Besides the regular menu, there is also a special Goan veg section which includes dishes not usually found in any restaurant. These are typical Goan home-style dishes made using locally grown fresh vegetables. They can be also be made 'saatvik' style with less/no garlic, onion or masala.
Access to Chattai Yoga: There are steps cut into the hill on which it is located. During low tide, you can cross the small stream and climb up. During high tide, there is a boat assigned to take guests across. You can also reach Chattai Yoga by road by following the dirt track off the main road in Agonda. Bikes and cars and easily go down this track. Signboards have been placed at crucial junctions.
Bookings are now open for Retreats as well as for people who're looking a peaceful place to get away from it all! Write to bluelotus.enterprises@gmail.com