Monday, July 7, 2008

Will be back soon!

Me and my friend visited Goa for a week in April 2008, and ended up staying at Palolem all week.

We found Chattai's website before going, when we were looking up accomodations in Palolem, which we'd heard was a wonderful beach. We were very pleased with how simple it was to arrange everyhing, from payment to transfer from the airport, so that when we arrived jetlagged and tired there was nothing to worry about, just blissful beds ready to collapse in.

That week in Goa turned out one of the best I've had in a long time.
Palolem is a wonderfully beautiful place, and our coco-hut was comfortable and clean, and at just the right distance from the beach - close enough you'd walk there in two minutes, but far enough the music or dogs caused no disturbance when one wanted to sleep.

Charlie and our taxi-driver were also incredibly helpful - I lost my glasses when a huge wave crashed over me in the surf, and everyone at Chattai teamed up to help me get a new pair - even picking the new glasses up and paying with their own money in between to make sure I'd get them the same day. Awsome people!

I'm already planning my next trip to Goa - will probably try out Chattai Agonda this time. If it's anywhere near as beautiful and nice as our stay in Palolem was, I'm bound to come back again and again!

So if you're like we were, sniffing about the Chattai webpage, wonder whether to go - go. Palolem is paradise on earth, and it'll be the best time of your life, promise.

Our coco-hut to the right.

The green, jungle-y entrance to Chattai.

Palolem beach.

I took lots more pictures you can find in my own blog's Scrapbook, here. If you don't want to visit Goa after that, you're crazy. :)