Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When can I go again?

Thanks kumudaashishmambo. Chattai Agonda was just what I needed. Quiet, peaceful I
ho-ooh-ope it stays that way. Ideal for the stressed and the distressed :))).

It was such a pleasure sitting in the large comfortable chairs under the thatched roof restaurant , looking out at the sea, the distant fishing boats. The creek at the end of the beach the sea, the dolphins, the forest covered hills that cradle the beach all added to my general feeling of well being.

And the food was brill . Will the red snapper in garlic-chilli -paste be available if i go later in the year? what about the tandoori mustard pomphret? the egg bhurji with toast, the squid, prawns, butter naans.. . yumeee.
Lurrrrved it all.

All the mad for partying crowd, do go away to Palolem . Its got all the raves and beach parties. Its further up the road. Y'all ask Kumuda about Chattai Palolem.

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