Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We miss Kumuda

So we used to have a pact, my husband and I, that if things ever got really bad in the US (like another republican president) we were going to ditch and move to this little beach town in Mexico called Puerto Escondido. Well, someone else thought that was a good idea too. Actually, several someone elses, and last month it was in both the New York Times travel section and in Metropolis magazine. So much for that plan. Luckily, we had just replaced Puerto with Agonda as our 'emergency-break-glass-flee-the-country' city.
We will not be able to drive to Agonda, as we could to Puerto...details, details.

We spent a week in Agonda, and it was pure magic. We intended to stay two days, but upon arrival we met some really cool people, ate some magic fish, and decided to stay as long as we could.
The accommodations are well designed, private, spacious and modern. It is really amazing what they have done with grass and bamboo. The Chattai end of the beach is the quiet end, but it is really all pretty quiet.

The beach is as unspoiled as any you could hope to find in a lifetime; the peace of this village will not last. It is just too perfect. A typical day included yoga down the beach, a three hour breakfast, dolphin and cow watching while sunbathing, a swim in the blue-green endless sea; all punctuated by a cooked to order feast straight from the best BBQ setup around, conveniently located on the beach 20 yards from your hut. Please eat as much cheese tomato garlic naan as you can stomach, you will miss it when you're gone.

If you are smart, you will not tell anyone about this place, or it will end up in the New York Times travel section. Then we will all have to find another spot. So Shush. We will know who said something.

Leslie & Nelson
Atlanta, GA

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