Friday, March 23, 2007

Hi there!

Hi there Chattai guests!

Firstly, thanks so much for choosing to stay with us at Chattai! We really appreciate your business. We would love to have your comments, so we've created this online guest book just for you!

Chattai has now been running for about 7 months in total. We're still the 'newcomers' around here - but we're fast getting the hang of things. It's been a great learning experience for us - especially meeting people from around the world from different professions. We've made a lot of friends and had tonnes of fun! Thanks again!

Some of our guests have mailed me their feedback, which till now, has been mostly positive! (Thank God!)We've also received some constructive criticism, which we've learned from and tried to make amends.

I know that the approach to Chattai remains a sore point!! It hasn't been easy co-existing with somewhat messy neighbors and being near a high-tide creek that greets us with a deluge of plastic bottles and bags every day! Still, we keep cleaning and sanitizing the area around us. We've been talking to like-minded resort owners to make a concerted effort to clean up the area. Not an easy process, let me tell you!

We've planted several trees in our compound when we opened so we should become suitably 'shady' in the near future and look a lot greener.

Things that are a bit out of our control are: our geographical location and the fact that we're not directly on the beach, the friendly pigs that wander around the entire village, the early morning wake-up (or is it mating?!) calls of the local doggies and the never-ending party music at the Bridge & Tunnel (how they get to play such loud music beyond 11 PM is anybody's guess!).

So please do spare a moment and share your thoughts with us. And of course any pictures of your holiday at Palolem!

Thank you!



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