Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Just got back after 3 weeks in Goa, spent 15 nights at Chattai Beach Huts. Avinash & Damur were brilliant. Nothing was too much for them. Thanks to Avinash's help i managed to see and do so much more. He really went out of his way to ensure i got the best out of my stay and was the source of so much knowledge and information. The huts were lovely, spacious and well constructed. The location of Chattai is ideal, away from the noise (except for Dancing Shiva who managed to bend the rules on occasion but even that was bearable) yet close enough to the beach. Good coffee and the sound of Damur going about his kitchen business singing with a beautiful smile on his face was a great way to start the day. Some good shacks on the beach although i bet its a lot more crowded at the height of season. For me it was ideal and i shant be returning to the neon of North Goa. Try it and see .... and have a taste of the Sexy Dal Fry.

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