Thursday, November 8, 2007

NEW! Chattai on Agonda Beach!

Here's another place to escape to!
This season there will be a Chattai on Agonda Beach as well!

Agonda is a beautiful, extremely peaceful beach about 15 minutes from Palolem by bike. At one end a small river joins the sea. At the other end, over a hill is the stunning 'Butterfly Island' - a secluded cove that is accessible only by boat.

Agonda is not as 'action-packed' as Palolem is these days. There are fewer beach huts, shacks and restaurants. It's for someone who wants to just unwind and vegetate!

Location: Nestled amidst over a hundred coconut trees, Chattai is directly on the beach and is only about 20 - 30 metres from the sea! (In the picture the man and dog are standing at the edge of Chattai) It's about a minute or two from the spot where the river joins the sea.

Cottages: Single-level with sit-outs, attached bathrooms (cold shower, western toilet), double beds and fans. There is also a bar and restaurant. (Sorry, no pictures as yet!)

The rates are:

Dec 1 - 21: Rs.1000

Dec 22 - Jan 4: Rs. 2000

Jan 5 - Feb: Rs.1000

March - May 15: Rs.600

There's a 15% discounts for stays of 5 days and above - except between Dec 21- Jan 4.

For bookings you can send a mail to:

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